2017 Contest information

Materials: Students should bring a pen or pencil. NO DICTIONARIES ALLOWED.
Food: Lunch will be provided for all participants and one accompanying teacher.
Number of Participants: Each school may enter a maximum of six (6) students. The total of 6 students includes any participants in the Irena Jares Artistic Expression Award.
Teacher: A teacher of Spanish must accompany each group of students to assist with the testing and marking.
Fees: $40 per student, a maximum of 6 students.

Payment: Cheques should be made payable to Ontario Secondary Schools Spanish Contest.

All cheques should be sent to : Walter Guerra, UTS, 371 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 2R7.

Registration forms: Here

Deadline for registration: April 14, 2017

Contest breakdown: 

Schedule for the 2017 Contest

Registration/Art pieces- 8:30am
Exams start- 9:00am
Lunch- 11:30am/12pm
Awards ceremony- 3:00pm (We do our best to begin at 3:00pm, however this is impacted by the amount of students participating and the amount of Oral Exams we have to run.)

Students enjoy a full day of competition and exciting cultural activities.

Students participate in the following areas of competition:

1. Listening Comprehension
2. Grammar
3. Writing
4. Speaking

The six categories are:

1. Beginner (First year of Spanish)
2. Intermediate (Second year of Spanish)
3. Advanced (Third year of Spanish,)
4. Native Speaker (must be enrolled in a Spanish credited course)
5. Spanish Plus (additional exposure to the Spanish language outside of day school classes; includes students in I.B. and A.P. Spanish programs, and international exchange/study participants, travel to a Spanish-speaking country for 3 months- please visit FAQ for more details)
6. The Irena Jares Artistic Expression Award (Please visit FAQ for more details.)

Grammar/themes to be covered in each category:

Level 1 (LWSBD)
1. Adjectives
2. Near future
3. Possessive adjectives
4. Present Progressive
5. Prepositions
6. Present tense (regular and irregular verbs)
7. Interrogative word
8. Actividades, deportes, profesiones
9. Colours
10. Vocabulary: Parties and celebrations

Level 2 (LWSCU)
1. Professions
2. Preterite
3. Imperfect
4. Present progressive/ gerund
5. Tú commands
6. Direct and Indirect pronouns
7. Recreation (trips, shopping, stores, etc.)
8. Vocabulary: Health, travel and sports.

Level 3 (LWSDU)
1. Present conditional
2. Future tense
3. Present subjunctive
4. Present indicative
5. Active and passive tenses
6. Vocabulary: Work related words

1. Presente
2. Pretérito
3. Imperfecto
4. Futuro
5. Condicional
6. Subjuntivo
7. Impersonal sentences
8. Por/para
9. Perfect tenses

¡Muchas gracias a todos que participaron en el Concurso de Español de las Escuelas Secundarias de Ontario!

A big congratulations to all students who participated in the 2016 Ontario Secondary Schools Spanish Contest! Your dedication to the Spanish language is admirable.

The 2016 winners are:


1er lugar Zoe Kutulakos Lycée Française de Toronto
2do lugar Matthew Karmitz Upper Canada College
3er lugar Owen Meunier Upper Canada College
4to lugar Adam Sellan Upper Canada College
5to lugar Ann Pill Malvern Collegiate Institute



1er lugar Katherine Hart Clarkson Secondary School
2do lugar Caroline Cayouette Toronto French School
3er lugar Taiya Talbert-McSherry RH King Academy
4to lugar Stella Casagrande Toronto French School
5to lugar Clara Ziezod Clarkson  Secondary School



1er lugar Maharan Murshed St. Michael’s College School
2do lugar Philippe Melnik University of Toronto Schools
3er lugar Alyssa Kastner Toronto French School
4to lugar Roi Levy William Lyon Mackenzie
5to lugar Alana Ceci St. Clement’s School



HISPANOHABLANTE- Patrocinado por Guerrero Law

1er lugar Carlos Baque Olaya St. Basil the Great College School
2do lugar Liza Domenech-Llano Martingrove Collegiate
3er lugar Lara del Castillo Clarkson Secondary School
4to lugar Zuleymi Ramirez Perez Martingrove Collegiate Institute
5to lugar Salome Ospina Ortega Lycée Française de Toronto



1er lugar Annika Bhatt Langstaff Collegiate Institute
2do lugar Alex Dondish Langstaff Collegiate Institute
3er lugar Andrea Rodriguez-Marin Lycée Française de Toronto
4to lugar Keegan Humphrey Parkdale Collegiate Institute
5to lugar Rhys Ireland Parkdale Collegiate Institute





Please pass on this information to any Spanish teacher. For more information and any questions, please check out FAQ area or feel free to email us:

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