2019 Contest information

Saturday May 4th, 2019

Time: 10:00-16:00


General Contest Info

Students enjoy a full day of competition and exciting cultural activities. A full lunch, snacks, and gifts are provided for all participants and volunteers.

Students participate in the following areas of competition:

  1. Listening Comprehension (multiple choice)
  2. Reading (multiple choice)
  3. Writing (paragraph/information text)
  4. Speaking (interview task)

The 5 entrance categories are:

  1. Beginner currently enrolled in or completed LWSBD/BO in the first semester
  2. Intermediate currently enrolled in or completed LWSCU/CO in the first semester
  3. Advanced currently enrolled in or completed LWSDU/DO in the first semester
  4. Spanish Plus:
    ✓ Students who began studying Spanish prior to high school in an Ontario school setting (i.e., International Languages classes embedded into the school day in elementary school; grade 7 and/or 8 additional classes)
    ✓ I.B. students are required to participate in the “Spanish Plus” category, except those who are registered in the Ab Initio program.
    ✓ Students with additional exposure to the Spanish language outside of school credit classes:
    -students in A.P. Spanish programs,
    -recent international exchange/study participants (during high school)
    -students who have traveled to or lived in a Spanish-speaking country for 3 months or longer at any time
  5. Hispanohablante:
    ✓Any student that speaks Spanish with his/her family members at home (or if the parents/guardians/relatives speak Spanish at home to the student)
    ✓Any student that grew up in a Spanish-speaking country or any student who has lived in a Spanish-speaking country for a minimum of two (2) years
    ✓Any student that socializes in Spanish with Spanish-speaking people
    ✓Any student that has studied Spanish formally for five (5) or more years in a school that follows a European or US-American based curriculum)

    Feel free to email with any questions or for any clarifications.

OSSSC is a not for profit organization. Charitable #81770 0909 RR0001.

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