Preguntas Frecuentes (FAQ)

Q: Is it necessary to send a participant in each category?

A: No. You may send as many students as you wish, to a maximum of five, divided in any way among the six categories.

Q: It is necessary to send five students?

A:No. You may send between one and five students.

Q: I teach in a semestered school and I do not teach Spanish this semester. Can I still send students?

A: Yes. A student may participate in the category that corresponds to the level completed in the first semester of this school year, OR that the student is currently enrolled in.

Q: Can students who are not enrolled in a Spanish course this school year participate?

A: No, we ask that only students who are studying or have studied Spanish this school year be given the opportunity to participate.

Q: What is the accompanying teacher’s role at the contest?

A: Some accompanying teachers will be asked to help with the scoring and marking of the students’ tests. As the event is being held on a weekend, teachers’ responsibilities do not include traditional supervision, but the committee expects on-site staff to support the organization of the event. The OSSSC and Upper Canada College are not responsible for unsupervised students. Students and teachers are to stay for the entire duration of the contest. Students who arrive late and/or leave early will not be granted any extra time.

Q: Is parking available at UCC?

A: Yes, at no charge.

Q: What are the prizes?

A: The OSSSC Committee works hard every year on soliciting sponsorship and prizes. We are still in need of sponsorship. There will be a cash prize for the top 3 or 5 finalists in each academic category.

Q: My school’s Spanish program is small/beginning/closing. Will that affect the results of the Contest?

A: Not at all. Participating in the OSSSC is a great tool to help your program grow. In addition, if your school is only able to send a small number of representatives, or your participants only take part in even one of the four categories, it will not be a detriment.

Q: I teach I.B.-coded classes. Are my students still eligible?

A: Yes. I.B. students are required to participate in the “Spanish Plus” category, except those who are registered in the Ab Initio. See the “Entry Forms” page above for full details.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No. We hope students and teachers will wear comfortable clothing, however, please bear in mind that many media outlets have already been invited to the contest and we are expecting a large turn-out. We ask that independent school students NOT wear their uniforms.

Q Can I make any changes to the list of and/or withdraw students?

Yes, but no changes will be accepted after April 20, 2019. Make all changes directly on the Google Form, if possible; otherwise, email

Q: What if students arrive late?

A: No extra time will be provided. You will be given the remainder of the time allotted for the exam.

What is the difference between Native Speaker and Spanish Plus categories?

Please see the “Concurso” page for full breakdown of the categories.

Important details

  • All results as announced on Contest Day will be considered final.
  • Payment can be made by cheque payable to “Ontario S.S. Spanish Contest” or in cash.
  • The OSSSC is a non-profit organization. Donations are appreciated and a tax receipt will be remitted. Direct any inquiries to (Please note that registration fees do not qualify as a donation.)

OSSSC is a not for profit organization. Charitable #81770 0909 RR0001. 

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